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Lena Anna Ebner

MultiMediaTechnology-B 2019
MultiMediaTechnology-M 2022

I am a full-stack developer currently studying MultiMediaTechnology Master in the second year, focusing on web and mobile development.

Not saying that my interests are limited to web, I am also interested in game development, data science and software development in general, and as long as technologies will improve and expand I will try to learn as much and many as possible to keep up to date.

Technologies I use are HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Next.js, Angular, C#, .NET, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Rails, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebase, Flutter, Unity and more.

Try not to take life too seriously all the time and keep in mind "The sky is the limit"

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Web and Mobile Development

Web Engineering

Game Development

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MultiMediaTechnology (Master)


MultiMediaTechnology (Bachelor)

Supermarket Comparision

MultiMediaTechnology (Bachelor)


MultiMediaTechnology (Bachelor)


MultiMediaTechnology (Bachelor)


MultiMediaTechnology (Bachelor)

VR Räume für das Portfolio

MultiMediaTechnology (Bachelor)