Privacy Notice

This site - "Portfolio FH Salzburg" is run by Fachhochschule Salzburg.

See the page Privacy Notice on our main webpage for contact information


When you visit our website, personal data are collected that your browser transmits to our servers automatically: pages in our website visited, date and time of the access, volume of transmitted data in bytes, website from which access occurred (source/reference from which you accessed the page), browser used, including language and version, operating system used and IP address used.

This data is save to a log file to helps us to track errors and ensure long-term rectification of errors.

The log files are deleted after 1 year at the latest.

Student, Lecturer, Staff

As a student or lecturer at one of the four schools: MMA, MMT, DPM and HCI, personal data ist transferred to this system automatically:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • E-Mail Address
  • Status (whether you are a student, an external lecturer, or a member of staff)

This information is not visible to the public. This information enables you to log in and use the following features:

  • Create or Edit a project that you participated in
  • Show a personal profile page, edit it, hide it
  • Show or hide your contribution to projects
  • Lecturers only: Set up a Submission, so students can hand in projects
  • Lecturers and Staff only: Set up Editions = collections of projects that are presented to the public

You have control over the public display - or not - of your personal data.

This portfolio is used in classes as part of grading. To facilitate this, your contributions to projects is always visible to lecturers, students and other Contributors when they are logged in

From the time of you first login in this site additional personal data is collected: the number of logins is counted, and for the last two times you logged the IP Address you used and the daten and time is saved.

Former Student, Lecturer or Staff

When you graduate or leave the FH and loose access to your school account, you can no longer edit the data in this portfolio.

The projects that you and your team set to be publicly visible will stay that way for the forseeable future.

If you want to take down your profile page or hide your contribution to a project or remove a project please contact Brigitte Jellinek