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Christoph Tripp

MultiMediaArt-B 2010

Christoph was born 1988 in Innsbruck/Austria, went to the commercial academy and made his diploma in 2007. After that Christoph worked three years in two different advertising agencies and collected a lot of experience in Design (Web- and Printmedia), Marketing and advertising consulting.

Slowly and steadily his childhood hobby of filming and narrating was getting more and more important and after some experimental movies and some projects with a team in his hometown cinema, movies started to become a big part of his life.

At the moment he is located in Salzburg/Austria studying Multimedia Art at the University of Applied Sciences. The current project as director/screenwriter is “Die Geschichte einer Legende”, which will be a fantasy short movie finished in summer 2014.



Christoph's Projects

Der Bär Lusconi

MultiMediaArt (Bachelor)

Musikvideo - A thousand hands

MultiMediaArt (Bachelor)