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Alexander Flatau

MultiMediaArt-M 2019

Born and grown up in Germany, I soon developed an intense love for movies. After graduating from high school, I studied Media Design in Hof, Germany, where I wrote and directed my first shorts "Verinnerung" and "Verinnerung - VR". After I had successfully finished my Bachelor of Arts degree, I started studying the MultiMediaArt master’s program in Salzburg, Austria, with a special focus on directing shorts. Besides a lot of other projects as a freelancer, I created the short "Whistleblower" and, in 2021, my biggest project so far, "Blót - Torn Between Worlds”


Alexander's Projects

The Showdown

MultiMediaArt (Master)

MMP1 | Sündenbock

MultiMediaArt (Bachelor)

Wer bin ich?

MultiMediaArt (Master)

Ein tödliches Wochenende

MultiMediaArt (Master)

Blót - Zwischen den Welten

MultiMediaArt (Master)