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The Dark Climb is a resource-based, third-person stealth game set in a dark and dangerous world. Your objective is to navigate through the perilous environment and reach the shining gate at the end of everything. With limited sources of light available, you must rely on a personal light source to illuminate your immediate surroundings. However, this light source is directly tied to your in-game life and will deplete over time. If it runs out of energy, you will meet your demise. Fortunately, scattered throughout the world are safe-havens in the form of giant eyes, where you can replenish your light source. These havens are initially unlit, requiring you to discover and use scattered lanterns to illuminate them. By doing so, you gradually illuminate your path through the world. Beware of deadly flying eyes that also inhabit the map. Drawing their attention with your light will result in them attacking you and rapidly draining your energy. If you do attract their notice, your only means of escape is to temporarily seek refuge in the shadows. Effective energy management and stealthy, evasive gameplay are crucial to your success. Traversing the map is not without its challenges, as the darkness continually tears it apart, leaving a fractured environment adrift in an endless void. Your character possesses basic movement abilities such as walking and jumping to navigate this fragmented world. Moreover, The Dark Climb aims to provide a captivating audio-sensory experience. The fading energy supply and menacing inhabitants of the dark world are emphasized through immersive sound design. The safe-havens also contribute to this experience, offering a sense of relief whenever you can freely activate your light, even if you remain just a small glimmer lost in the eternal night.







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Angela Prager

Art Direction

Environment Animation

Environment Modeling

2D Artist

3D Animation Lead

3D Artist

Character Animation

Concept Art

Game Design

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Andreas Theodorus Deters


Audio Mastering





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Sebastian Stuhlberger


Game Design

Game Programmierung

Level Design

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Marco Venditto



Game Design

Game Programmierung

Product Management

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Timea Cara Hötzinger

Game Design

Game Programmierung


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