Hildeguard: Monastery Madness

The game follows a story where an antipope seeks to obtain the holy relics held within the player‘s monastery for his own sinister purposes. With a team of saints and monks, the player builds a fortified monastery to defend against the antipope‘s minions, including monsters and demons.

The gameplay is divided into two phases: day and night. During the day, players strategically build their monastery on a grid system, using gold as a resource. The layout and setup can be changed by the player, allowing for optimized base building.

In the night phase, players engage in action-driven tower defense with elements of real-time strategy. Instead of traditional defense towers, the player builds rooms from which allied troops are deployed to combat enemy troops.

Gold and faith are the main resources in the game. Gold is used for building and deploying troops, while faith is utilized to develop character stats and skillsets.

The objective is to defend the relics from being stolen by enemy troops. Each relic has unique passive abilities and an active skill that influences the gameplay strategy. If the enemy reaches a relic and escapes with it, the round is lost. Levels vary in terms of enemy types, attack intervals, and stats. Story-based events, such as boss encounters and global map effects, occur throughout the game.

The MMP3 version of the game plans to introduce three heroes with distinct abilities. Each level takes place in a different monastery as players travel to prevent the theft of relics. As the levels progress, difficulty increases, but players can unlock upgrades and skills for their troops during gameplay.

The game features a variety of allied and enemy units, including monks with different roles, such as healers, damage dealers, and tanks. The specific designs and stats of these units will be further developed during playtesting and concept art creation.


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