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Race Outlaws, explore landscapes, let loose. A high-speed adventure through a fantastical world, where Speed and Agility are your only friends.


"Eyes of the Storm" is a third-person arcade-style racing game that invites players to race, jump and perform stunts on hoverbikes in an open world. By manipulating the hoverbike in the air, the player can perform tricks and earn points and coins. They can then upgrade their bike in the store, giving them even more control over their stunts. In addition, there are different maps that the player can explore and race on. For example, the player can race against the clock and beat their high scores, participate in a stunt challenge, or compete against AI to cross the finish line first.


First reveal trailer




Samuel Stallybrass


Character Animation

Anonyme Person

Art Direction

3D Artist

Game Design

Level Design

Fabio Peer Profile Picture
Fabio Peer

Character Modeling

3D Artist

Jasmin Schlögl

2D Artist

3D Artist

Concept Art

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Bjarne Tobias Zimmer

Game Programmierung

Anonyme Person

Game Programmierung

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Lorenz Gonsa

Game Programmierung