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What is WizardDash?

WizardDash will be developed with the needs of university students in mind. WizardDash relies on the concept of gamification by nudging players to do what‘s meaningful and hard, aiming to create a more motivational study experience for students. The app simulaneously helps students to plan their study time accordingly and avoid excessive stress levels during the semester.
Every new player creates an avatar and starts an adventure from scratch, when the game starts it will ask the player about the assignments and exams due in his semester. Based on data the app collected from previous students it will be able to give estimates of when and how much the student should study. The time that the student spends studying will be tracked and added to the database which in turn enables the app to make more accurate predictions progressively.
The student’s day will start with a Questlog that tells her/ him what to study for the day. The app will show how long the student approximately has to study for the assignment, divided by the days left until the deadline. The app will be able to calculate which task is the most important and reward the player with more experience points, if he tackles to most urgent tasks first. This way the app will slowly nudge the student to do what’s meaningful instead of spending too much time on less important assignments.



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