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Ever heard of Robots becoming sentient and taking over humanity? Ridiculous! Bots are extremely stupid! They can’t even make it through a room full of deadly obstacles, nauseating heights and tiny platforms using nothing but a powerful grappling hook - without human support at least. So why not help them? “Bots are stupid” is a 2D Platformer/Puzzle Game/"Script 'n' Run" where instead of using live inputs to control the character, the player has to program precise instructions for his Robots to follow to make it through the level. Step into the role of Central Locomotion Officer in a futuristic factory built to assemble and train the world’s most sophisticated machines since the invention of the Roomba. Your supply of robots is endless so no matter how many chrashes and explosions it takes, there is always a way to make it through the test chambers. Join the robot revolution today!



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