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Xplode is a puzzle platformer in which you take damage from your default jump height. You are also continuously building up energy and have to release it by jumping in order not to die. The more energy you have built up, the more vulnerable you become and the easier it is to take fall damage and die.

How it works.

Explains the basics.

If your character next jumps landing area is within the SAFE zone , you will survive your jump. When your characters next land spot is in the NOT JUMPING zone , you will only survive if you are not jumping and only falling towards it. Otherwise your character jumps too high and takes too much fall damage. When your characters touches or lands in the DEATH zone , your death is inevitable.


Gameplay Example of the zones

Increasing Difficulty

The levels get harder the more you progress.

Sneak Peek


Here you can download Xplode




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Level Design

Anonyme Person

Game Programmierung

Level Design