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In WitchcraftWonderscape, you play as the Salamander Witch, a formidable sorceress whose powerful dark magic led to her imprisonment in a fortified dungeon. After years of captivity, an opportunity for escape finally arises. Now, it's up to you to help her break free from this treacherous prison, filled with menacing creatures of black magic.


WitchcraftWonderscape is an engaging 2D platformer that demands sharp timing and strategic decision-making. As you navigate through level teeming with enemies, you'll need to utilize the Salamander Witch's abilities wisely, taking note of their cooldowns to effectively combat the dark creatures obstructing your path. The game combines elements of classic jump-and-run gameplay with intense action.


Your primary goal in WitchcraftWonderscape is to guide the Salamander Witch through perilous jump-and-run level without losing all your lives. The path to freedom is fraught with danger, but the reward of escape and victory is worth the risk. As you progress, gather coins to replenish your health and increase your score, aiming to set a new high score with each run. The ultimate challenge lies at the end of each level, where you'll face a formidable boss. Defeating the boss is the key to advancing and eventually securing your freedom.


• Move Left: Press A • Move Right: Press D • Sprint: Hold Left Shift • Fireball: Click Left Mouse Button • Inferno: Click Right Mouse Button • Jump: Press Spacebar • Double Jump: Press Spacebar again






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