xxxx Project
Good evening soldier, today’s mission will involve the new portal technology we’ve worked
on for the past 20 years. It’s
time to test it’s functionality. Get in there, shoot anything under the sun and bring back as much loot as you possibly can, the economy needs your contributions! * Also, try not to get stuck in the parallel world, we don’t really have a way of bailing you out once the portal closes ...
The game takes place on a planet in a parallel world, filled with enemies, who don't take kindly to their home being invaded for loot. You must use your gun and dash to kill enemies and dodge their attacks respectively. Enemies will drop coins for you to collect, alternatively, you can get them by looting chests in camps, but beware, they are usually well guarded. Should you, intentionally or not, perish, your travel to the afterlife will be intercepted by a mysterious merchant, who will happily trade your shiny coins for upgrades to both your stats and abilities. Plan out your trips to the merchant well, as getting upgrades makes your run easier, but also takes away a percentage of your portal's stability. Once your portal collapses ... well let's say living on this hostile planet for the rest of your life isn't exactly what you signed up for.
The game was written from completely from scratch by me using SFML.Net and C#, that means all the rendering logic, the component based system of the engine, pathfinding calculations, world generation and loading systems and everything else was written completely from the ground up. The game also has partial controller support for Xbox One and Switch controllers, but can in theory be extended to any controller like input device following a similar button layout.




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