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Tako's Sushi Stall

A fin(e) dining experience

Itadakimasu! That's "Let's eat!" in Japanese. Dare to step into this sushi restaurant? It will be an unforgettable experience, for sure. The sushi chef is a master at his craft. Although, after you sit down and the other guests arrive, you notice something...fishy? This project was made with Maya and rendered with Arnold. These are all original characters by me.


Meet the Sushi Chef, Tako!

Bubba the Shrimp

He's a regular, but it takes some time for him to come out of his shell.

Mr. Puff

A long-time friend of Tako. But be careful, he's easily provoked, and then- POOF!

Mysterious Flounder

Noone has seen this flounder here before. But I can swear, it's watching me!

Selection of Sushi (Chef's Choice)

After seeing, what was on Mr. Puffs' plate, Bubba needed a large sip of Sake.

Master at work



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Philip Michael Einböck

Character Design

3D Artist