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Slimy Knightmare is an action-roguelike where you take on the role of a slime, navigating through a village while evading relentless knights in pursuit.
Your objective is to amass as many points as possible while dodging your adversaries. Utilize randomly appearing power-ups scattered throughout the map to enhance your survival chances and maximize your score.

Test your skills and aim for the highest score achievable in this challenging adventure.


The gameplay is simple but also challenging at the same time.

You have to keep on running to avoid the knights in pursuit but at the same time you have to try to collect the coin-pouches for more points and the hearts for more health. Simple, right?

Now here is the challenging part, over the time, the knights get more used to running and keep on getting faster and faster. Luckily, you know how do dash forward, but keep in mind, your dash can also be your doom if you accidently rush towards other knights or into a dead end.

Here is a hint: remember the map so you can utilize it better to outsmart the knights!

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Andrè Linder

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Nicolas Bastiaan Van Renen

Game Design

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