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Welcome to RobberyRumble, a multiplayer game where players compete to rob a house and score points. Race against the clock to gather valuable items while dodging your opponent's attacks. The goal is to collect the most valuable items before time runs out, all while outmaneuvering your opponent.

Key Features

Explore and Loot:

Players navigate through a house filled with valuable items, each with different point values. Heavier items slow you down but are worth more points.

Watch Your Back:

Players can attack each other to make them drop their loot. But watch out, attacks have a cooldown!

Van Loading:

Once you've collected your loot, you need to load it into a van to secure your points.

Time Management:

Don't take too long! Inactivity results in point penalties.


Joystick / WASD / Arrow Keys

Move your character around the house.

A Button / Space / Numpad 0

Pick up items and load them into the van.

X Button / R Key / Numpad 1

Drop your currently held item.

B Button / E Key / RShift

Attack the other player to make them drop their loot.


CHARACTER_GENERATOR Tool by 0a3r: Tiles: Sound: Created and distributed by Nathan Gibson ( Music "Modern Bits" created by Tallbeard Studios