Project Rebranding - Dorfstube Tristach

Rebranding - Dorfstube Tristach

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MultiMediaArt, 2024


A Culinary and Social Hub

The Dorfstube strives to authentically and personally fulfill the desires of its customers. With locally sourced, handmade dishes, patrons are invited to enjoy a unique culinary experience. The Dorfstube places great emphasis on the freshness and quality of its ingredients, carefully sourced from local farmers and producers. The aim is to reflect the regional identity and diversity in every dish. The cozy ambiance of the Dorfstube contributes to its inviting atmosphere. The walls are adorned with photographs depicting the village’s history, and the tables are decorated with handcrafted tablecloths and floral arrangements. This attention to detail is evident not only in the interior decor but also in the selection of food and beverages. The Dorfstube's menu offers a diverse array of dishes that highlight the culinary traditions of the region. The personal touch makes the Dorfstube not just a place for good food but also a venue for social gatherings and unforgettable celebrations. A key feature is the adjoining community hall, which is arguably one of the Dorfstube's greatest unique selling points (USPs). The ability to host larger events gives the Dorfstube a significant advantage over its competitors. Additionally, the immediate proximity to the church proves beneficial, especially during festive occasions such as holidays or weddings. This geographical closeness opens up opportunities to attract customers who transition directly from church events to the Dorfstube.

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