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PixelPerfect PC-Builds

PixelPerfect PC-Builds the perfect place to start you PC-Building journey!

Website presentation

Pick from a list of various components with live feedback

After picking each component, the website will let you know if the parts work witch eachother. If they do, congratulations, you are doing great. If they are not compatible, you will get some messages telling you what went wrong

Interactive Minigame

Test you PC-Building skills in a small interactive game. Pick the correct order of the components as tehy would be put toghether on a real build. After each pick, there is a message and a progress picture if the pick was correct. If the pick was wrong, you get a message and can restart the game.

See your previous builds

You completed a build and wanted to see it again a few weeks later? Just go to the My Builds section and review each build you saved. If you feel like a build is no longer needed, you can just delete it. Each user will see only ther specific builds.




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