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Phantn't is a PvP - game in which players (not elephants) are seperated by a river that spawns throwables. Using these, the players can hit their opponents into the contaminated water.

Game Mechanics

The throwables from the river can be picked up by players and then thrown at their opponents. The goal is to stay on the platform and to not fall into the water.
Throwables can be rocks or bombs. Rocks are more common and impact players when they're hit directly. Bombs on the other hand, land somewhere on the platform and detonate after a short amount of time, leading players within the radius to be knocked back.


The game can be played using Xbox One, PS4 and PS5 controllers.


Map and UI

Win Screen


Modern Exteriors - RPG Tileset by LimeZu - (modified) Top Down Character Pack by TotusLotus - Fibberish Pixel Font by Nathan Scott - Xbox Series Button Icons and Controls by Zacksly - Licensed under CC BY 3.0 (modified) Sci-Fi Sounds by Kenney - Jumping into Water - Licensed under the Mixkit Sound Effects Free License - Losing bleeps - Licensed under the Mixkit Sound Effects Free License - Pixel Sky by lol1234temp -



Stefan Penn

Game Design

Game Programmierung

Alisia Nicole Young

Game Design

Game Programmierung