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This is a 2 Player co-op game, where both players control the same raft as turtles, that is heading down a river. There are obstacles that need to be doged, eggs that are collectibles and some fish that push the raft around. This game also features a score system, where upon Victory or Defeat the score is stored.


Controls Two players control the same Raft. The Input of one player determines two things: The rotation of the Raft and the direction the Raft moves. Therefore both players need to collaborate, so that the raft stays as straight as possible.
Obstacles There are multiple types of obstacles in the game.
1. There is a river current, that will add additional force to the part of the raft it touches 2. Stones and Islands: Colliding with these will damage the player and turn them invincible for a short period of time 3. Fish: These fish want to bump into the player, mainly just as a nuisance.
Colectibles There are some collectibles in the game, represented as eggs. These don’t influence the current game state, but the more are collected the higher the score

Gameplay (video)


A scoreboard was implemented for competitivity among multiple groups of players and also as a progression check. Scores are shown at the bottom of the screen and depict how far the player with the chosen username made it in the river.




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