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Kaboomn't is an engaging top-down 2D game that challenges players to nurture a garden of explosive plants. Players are tasked with the responsibility of keeping four plant beds alive by providing them with essential care: water and affection. Failure to meet their plants needs may result in explosive consequences!

Key Features

Plant Nurturing: Players must manage watering and petting their plants to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Neglecting their needs may lead to catastrophic outcomes. Cow Defense: Beware of mischievous cows that attempt to devour your precious plants! Strategically fend them off to protect your garden from destruction.


In Kaboomn't, players navigate through their garden using the WASD keys. Interactions with the plant is intuitive; press 'E' to give them a loving pet and tap 'Space' to provide essential hydration. To replenish your watering can, head to the central fountain and press 'Space' to refill it. When mischievous cows threaten your plants, fend them off by clicking the left mouse button to get your axe out.





Nurah Hüter

Game Programmierung

Florian Rauter

Game Programmierung