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In this 2D single player space defense game, you're the last line of defense stationed on a far away space outpost. Your job? Protect the ancient Obelisk from the enemy. It's up to you to fend off both long-range shooters and up-close brawlers and ensure the Obelisk's survival. Can you hold the line?

Key Features

Protect the Obelisk: It's your primary objective to defend the Obelisk from attacks. Keep it safe to ensure your mission's success. Stay Alive: If you die the Obelisk is defenseless. Shoot Enemies to Win: Eliminate threats and secure victory for yourself.


Left stick: to move around the map. Right stick: to shoot left and right.


Tiles and character sprite: Laser sound: voice actor: Mathias Stieger Music:





Isabella Schönerer

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Dominik Lauterbach

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