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Introduction to IceBreaker

Embarking on a new educational journey at FH Salzburg can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience for many newcomers. Recognizing the importance of social connections in this significant life transition, our project, IceBreaker, is designed to ease the process of meeting like-minded individuals even before the commencement of studies. Specifically tailored for incoming first-year students at FH Salzburg, IceBreaker offers a seamless way to discover new friends who share similar interests or are enrolled in the same program.

Features of IceBreaker

User-Friendly Search Functionality: IceBreaker's intuitive search feature simplifies the process of finding fellow students. Whether you are looking for someone in the same study program or someone who shares your hobbies, our platform makes it easy to connect with potential friends. AI-Generated Icebreakers: Starting conversations and building new relationships can be challenging. IceBreaker incorporates AI-driven conversation starters to facilitate meaningful interactions from the get-go. By randomly selecting an AI-crafted icebreaker, we ensure you have the tools to break the ice smoothly and cultivate meaningful connections right from the start. Chat with Friends: Our platform is built on the foundation of privacy and meaningful interaction. The chat functionality is exclusively available for friends, ensuring that your conversations are with people you've connected with on a deeper level. Event Integration: IceBreaker goes beyond just making friends; it's about building a community. With our event integration feature, you can stay updated on upcoming events at FH Salzburg. See which of your friends are attending certain events and encourage others to join in. This feature not only enhances the social fabric of the community but also ensures that you never miss out on fun and engaging activities.

Our Vision

Our mission with IceBreaker is to provide incoming students at FH Salzburg with a platform that not only helps them make new friends but also helps them feel more comfortable and socially connected before the start of their studies. We understand the impact of having a supportive social network during this transition period and strive to make this process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Demo Video of IceBreaker

Discover How Easy It Is to Find New Friends and Attend Events with Our Webapp

Join Us on IceBreaker

We invite all FH Salzburg newcomers to join IceBreaker and start building your network of friends and acquaintances before your first day on campus. Let's make your transition to university life a memorable and enjoyable experience. Welcome to IceBreaker - where connections begin!



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