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About the project

The aim of this HCI project was to develop a haptic table to support shop floor planning. This table is intended to provide an interactive interface that enables users to physically engage with the planning. For example, blocks, representative of machines in the production hall, can be moved on the table. In addition, a digital co-pilot is used to support the user in decision-making and planning processes. It was important to us to create an intuitive interaction with both the haptic table and the digital co-pilot for future users.

3D printed haptic block

Microcontroller showing QR-Code for localization and identification of the block


Through interviews with experts from Shopfloor Planning, we identified the requirements that are necessary for the successful implementation of the haptic table. The technological concept was created by iteratively trying out different technologies and approaches. For the final interaction design, we tried out various options in an internal group workshop to make it as intuitive and inclusive as possible.

Figma Prototype showing interaction screen

KPIs and Co-pilot suggestions



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Production Design

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Programming Lead

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