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Gulag Escape 2D

Welcome to "Gulag Escape 2D," an exciting underground adventure game where you control a character with the power to change gravity. Your mission is to defeat all the enemies in the lab while using your unique abilities to navigate the environment. This game combines action and strategy for an engaging experience.

In "Gulag Escape 2D," you move your character using the WASD keys through the maze-like lab. The character can change the direction of gravity by pressing the Shift key to pause time, then choosing a direction with WASD: W for up, A for left, S for down, and D for right. Enemies will attack if they see you, so you need to be stealthy and smart.

Your health, called "Gravijuice," also powers your gravity-changing ability. Pausing time uses up Gravijuice slowly, and changing gravity direction uses a larger amount instantly. Taking damage from enemies also reduces Gravijuice. If you run out of health, you'll respawn at the last checkpoint, marked by flags on the map. Crossing a flag sets a new respawn point.

In addition to your gravity powers, you are armed with a weapon that is always aimed where your mouse pointer is. You can shoot by clicking the left mouse button. This allows you to attack enemies from a distance, adding another layer of strategy to the game. Managing your Gravijuice and using your weapon effectively are key to surviving and defeating all the enemies in the lab.

The main goal was to create a fun and smooth platformer with the unique gravity-changing feature. "Gulag Escape 2D" challenges you to use your abilities wisely to defeat enemies and explore the lab.

Gulag Escape 2




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