Project Eye for an Eye - Concept Art, MMP1

Eye for an Eye - Concept Art, MMP1

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MultiMediaArt, 2024

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Eye for an Eye - Concept Art

Euyin vs. Garthock

The Lore and the World

A village is terrified. An accursed creature wanders the land. An apparition in the form of a giant maneater boar is seen throughout the near forest. The frightened village call him "Garthock" Countless villagers have fallen victim to its bloodthirst. Euyin, the protagonist of this world is not only an outsider but an apt warrior, commissioned by the villagers to defend them against the roaming devil. The people of the village haven't always lived here. Long ago the forefathers of the villagers, great conquerors, known for their strength and weaponry, killed off the townfolk that preceded this land in many bloody battles. Many sins have been committed in this warring period, but there was one that stood out among the others. The people of the ancient village revered a large tree. This tree was a rare and beautiful specimen, having no rival in its wondrous beauty and sheer size. The conquistadors, despising the ancient traditions, hung the imprisoned natives from its once divine branches. Until not a single one of them was left. The once sacred artefact is said to have been cursed by the hatred of the damned souls. And thus transformed its once awe inspiring beauty into a hideous appearance. It forever lies barren and when people tried to cut it down it is said to shed blood like a human but regenerate much faster than vigorous flesh. The roots of the trees, pulsating like blood-pumping veins, grow wider and wider. Slowly taking over more and more land. And the land it swallowed lies barren also, unable to bear any fruit. Leaving behind a devastatingly triste scenery. The god of this forest, consumed by his anger and poisoned by the tree of the fallen, starts ravaging the land, searching for the people who are responsible for the ever-growing devastation of the forest. The huntress has faced many evils, but no one as great as this one. The people of the village are desperate, clueless about what could relinquish this never before seen evil. Euyin knows, that she will need special weaponry for a special prey. Thus she makes her way to the great tree of the fallen. Against the townfolks advice she travels to the infamous location, harvesting the trees wood, she fashions a bow that is bestowed with great cursed energy. Turning the power of the tree against the confronting foe, she defeats the boar. A great funeral for the boar is held. Burying it along the roots of the cursed tree. Euyin showed the people to pay respect to nature and by burying the boar and all the corpses left hanging on the dark branches they broke the seal that was holding them hostage for generations. An old story has found its end. By showing the tree that these people are not the ones anymore that once conquered it, its anger subsided, withering in the gentle embrace of the wind... and the land turned green again. Along the lush green meadows, fields began to glow golden and the earth turned fertile. Yet a deep scar was left behind where the tree once sat. It is as if the land, although forgiven the heinous sin, remembers the seemingly endless anger, but also the day that ended it.