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Ephemeral Peace of Mind is about communicating and conveying the experience of being lost and foster an understanding of this complex mental state through a captivating narrative with impactful visuals and communicative gameplay.

Gamified Narrative Experience

In this evocative narrative game, you will experience the daily life of someone grappling with illness. Every moment is a test of resilience as you explore the depths of their mind and piece together the truth behind their inner turmoil. Each day presents new challenges and decisions that shape your character's journey. Your goal is to understand what ignites the shadows within their dark parallel world. Your decisions will lead you through a maze of deep emotions. Overcome these obstacles to get to the heart of your character’s struggles, but be vigilant—everything can resurface without warning.




Lukas Schönwiese Profile Picture
Lukas Schönwiese


Audio Lead

Sarah Hagleitner Profile Picture
Sarah Hagleitner

Communication Design

Lukas Penz Profile Picture
Lukas Penz



Game Design

Game Director

Jan Pscheidt Profile Picture
Jan Pscheidt

3D Artist

Art Lead

Michelle Raab Profile Picture
Michelle Raab


Narrative Design

Sebastian Stuhlberger Profile Picture
Sebastian Stuhlberger


Game Design

Christoph Alexander Schafzahl

Game Programmierung

Programming Lead

Marco Venditto Profile Picture
Marco Venditto

Game Programmierung

Philipp Tischler

Game Programmierung

Anonyme Person


Anonyme Person

Art Direction

3D Artist