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A Unique Kind of Exciting Museum Experience

In the fascinating world of "dontwakeemup", you dive into a unique adventure that blurs the lines between past and present. As a skilled thief, you sneak through the mysterious halls of a museum where the exhibits come to life at night. Your goal is to find and steal the most valuable artifacts before time runs out or you are discovered.

The game cleverly combines elements of stealth action, exploration, and collecting. Inspired by the cleverness and skill of master thieves and the magical atmosphere of museums, "dontwakeemup" offers a unique gaming experience.

Main Features of the Game:

Captivating Game World: Explore a detailed museum with over 53 collectible objects, each with its own story and value.

Challenging Gameplay: You have only 300 seconds (5 minutes) to steal as many valuable artifacts as possible. This requires quick decisions and precise movements.

Dynamic Enemies: The exhibits that come to life move independently through the museum and react to your presence. Skillful hiding and dodging are key to success.

Free Exploration: Move freely through different areas of the museum, each offering its own secrets and challenges.

Strategic Collecting: Each artifact has its own value. Choose wisely which objects you want to steal within the limited time.

The technical implementation of the game is as impressive as the concept itself. A sophisticated system of classes and managers ensures a smooth gaming experience. The CollectableManager manages the collectible objects, while the Enemy Manager is responsible for the movements and reactions of the enemies.

Particularly noteworthy is the use of the A* algorithm for enemy pathfinding, which enables realistic and challenging pursuits. The use of design patterns such as the singleton pattern for important manager classes demonstrates a well-thought-out software architecture.

"dontwakeemup" promises a gripping gaming experience that requires skill, strategy, and quick thinking. It uniquely combines the fascination with history with the excitement of a stealth game. Whether you are a fan of museums, thief games, or simply looking for a new challenge, "dontwakeemup" offers something for everyone.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the nocturnal museum, steal valuable artifacts, and try not to get caught. But beware: time is running out and the exhibits have an eye on you. Are you ready for this unique nocturnal challenge?

Credits: Assetspackage = Modern_Interiors



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