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In this game, one player controls a cube aiming to reach the finish line, while the other player tries to impede their progress by strategically placing obstacles on a grid-based map. The movement in the game is limited to the grid, with the player hopping to adjacent boxes and the opponent adding tetris-like obstacles within the same grid. Moving lets the player charge, allowing him to jump upwards. While airborne, each movement comes with the cost of losing height. The second player can place obstacles on the grid, but there's a limit to how many blocks can be placed simultaneously to avoid impossible game scenarios After the first player moves a certain number of times, the second player gets a chance to add two obstacles. Both players are under a time limit, which speeds up the overall pace of the game. The visual style of the game primarily features white blocks on a black background, with player and enemy blocks distinguished by colors and a subtle glow for visibility.



Assets were very sparsely used. All objects you see in the game are just made of rectangle shaped and the icons were drawn. Sounds were made by SubspaceAudio ( The font used for the logo and screens was "Pixellari" by Zacchary Dempsey-Plante

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