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In a not so different world, the vampires walk among us. In a not so different corporation, they work the same as we do. In a quite different sentiment, they try to get fired, as it's not easy to work for multiple millennials as an ageless being. In quite the same manner, they do stupid stuff because they are bored, they don't want to work, and they are all thinking the same: “Bite me, Boss!” So get your food! Eat while working! Get drunk and chuck jars at the other workers! Get fired!


- A minigame collection of insane proportions (2 whole minigames!) - Local 4-Player VS games! Nearly never before seen! - Cute wobbly Vampires! - Hand-painted menus! - Custom-made characters! - Voice Acting! - Controller Support! - Easy to learn, easy to master! - Quite chaotic! - The finest environmental assets the Unity Asset Store could offer! - Exclamation marks!!!!!




Dorothée Sachsenhofer Profile Picture
Dorothée Sachsenhofer

Product Owner

Art Lead

Audio Lead

Task Manager

Nico Weiser

Game Design


Vision Keeper


Jessica Kremnitzer

Scrum Master

Product Management

Code Lead


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Clemens Wilberger

Character Modeling

Anonyme Person

Character Design

Anonyme Person