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“Wicked Woods” is a Jump & Run Game with a unique mechanic inspired by the best superpower to exist – Teleportation. You take on the role of a witch and must move through a forest. Instead of jumping, rely on your ability to teleport. Use this ability tactically to move from platform to platform, overcome obstacles and finally, to reach the end portal.


Due to the convenience of teleportation, jumping is not needed and not even possible. Instead, the player controls a magical spell that allows them to shoot at portals and teleport to them instantly. These portals are embedded in the game world and serve as teleportation points. The teleportation-ability allows the player to get across chasms and obstacles.
The puzzle-like structure of the level leads to having to choose the right path. The player does not want to end up in dead ends. They must send the spell to the portal through its special mechanic in order to overcome obstacles. Walls can act as reflectors, allowing players to strategically fire their spell.


Teleportation do be the best superpower. No matter the time or place, you could just snap your fingers and go wherever you wanted to. Not only does it save so much time, but also a lot of money. Since people can’t actually teleport (which is very unfortunate), I created “Wicked Woods” using teleportation as main game mechanic.


Witches Pack by 9E0 ( Oak Woods Environment Asset by brullov ( Spell Projectile by DyLESTorm ( 2D Portal Asset Pack by PixelZoink ( Tiny Wonder GUI Asset Pack by Butter Milk ( Fibberish Pixel Font by Nathan Scott (

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