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Teamwork meets Time Loops - work together with yourself in this mind-bending puzzle shooter for VR!

Love multiplayer but hate other people? Then team up with yourself instead! “We Are One” is a puzzle shooter where you solve mind-bending puzzles by cloning yourself and playing with time loops. Every action you perform in a time loop is precisely replicated by a clone of you in the next loop. Cleverly plan ahead and cooperate with your own clones - the only help you really need (and get) is yourself! This VR Game is still in development and was previously known as “Help Yourself” We Are One in a nutshell: *All your teammates are You. If you want something done right do it yourself! *Big-brain puzzles meet action-packed shooter elements *Experience a variety of levels with increasing challenges and new twists for you to overcome in your OWN way! *A unique art style, where watercolor textures meet digitally drawn lines and moody vibes! *Perfect for VR beginners and experienced users - It's easy to pick up, but challenging to master! *No artificial locomotion and only teleportation is used We Are One, previously known as "Help Yourself", is a master's project and is being developed by students from the class of 2019. We are using the Unity Game Engine. In the summer of 2021, we founded our startup "Flat Head Studio" to further develop this VR game. Below you will find the links to the store pages of We Are One. Link to our Meta Quest page:

The Core Team and Helpers

(No) professionals at work here - the core team of We Are One: Arnold Holler (MMT), Daniel Wiendl (MMT), Philipp Sigl (MMT), Melanie Bartl (MMA), Fabian Linzbauer (MMA) and Christian Höll (MMA) A little support never hurts - our awesome helpers: Angela Prager (MMA), Burak Gökcen (MMA), Christof Pühringer (MMA), Diana Wermescher (MMA), Marcel Kießlich (MMT), Raphael Blum (MMT) and Slavko Ivanovic (MMT)

Launch Trailer

June 2023

Gameplay Trailer

Designing Help Yourself (We Are One)

May 2021: In this video we give you a little insight into the journey of developing Help Yourself so far.

Documents and Werkschau 2021- Build



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Fabian Linzbauer

Environment Modeling



Game Programmierung

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Christian Höll



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Melanie Bartl

Art Direction

Character Design

Character Modeling

Environment Modeling


2D Artist

3D Artist


Arnold Holler

Game Programmierung

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Philipp Sigl

Game Programmierung

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Daniel Wiendl

Game Programmierung

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Burak Gökcen



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Angela Prager

Environment Modeling