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In the year 12XX after the great Beardwars, the Land of Det’alev lies in shambles. When technology surpassed magic, magic was forgotten, and now that technology doesn’t work anymore the world is in desperate need for magic once again. Stories are what creates magic and what better way to create epic stories than by putting the greatest* mages* of all time* into an arena and let them battle each other! Alas, as magic is depleted, our mages aren’t what they used to be, so prepare for epic battles with rubber bands, explosives and whatever else the mages find in the particular arena they are fighting in. IT’S TIME FOR THE WUSELING! *terms applied loosely



◊ Rubber Bands! A mysterious technology discovered by our wise wizards. Use the magical enhanced rubber to link two things or players together and pull them towards each other! Chaos is ensured. ◊ Cheaters! Great care was put into the cultivation of an aiming system, so even the clumsiest mage can hit their opponents. ◊ Multiple (okay, just two now) arenas! All equipped with different features and layouts to create a chaotic and engaging battle of wits and skills. Fling your opponents through multiple portals to finally drop them into lava and live to tell the tale! ◊ Four Players fling it out simultaneously in heated and chaotic battles! ◊ Charming 2.5D graphics! ◊ Beards! Everyone gets a beard! ◊ tl;dr chaos and beards




Dorothée Sachsenhofer Profile Picture
Dorothée Sachsenhofer


Audio Lead

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Vincent Thierry


Nico Weiser

Game Design


Product Owner

Jessica Kremnitzer


Code Lead

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David Märzendorfer

Game Design


Anonyme Person


2D Artist