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1-2 participants Length: 7-12 minutes Location: Showroom FH Salzburg


The Art of Saving Yourself (TAOSY) is an interactive, visual, and sonic experience that aims to challenge the boundaries of traditional storytelling by making the audience part of the journey and giving them agency in determining the direction in which the story unfolds. The narrative deals with the morality and complexity of the endless cycle of generational trauma presented abstractly as a physical manifestation of a young woman's mind. The fourth wall is broken and the audience is invited to be her imaginary confidant who help her selfreflect on the invisible ties that bind her reality. A deeply emotional journey of self-discovery that takes the audience on a metaphorical train, following her life story backwards.


The case question does not have a right answer, as a situations can be perceived from multiple angles. Nothing is one dimensional, but everything is open to interpretation.


Our aim is to make the participant fully immersed into the story, as we only understand something once we have experienced it and can sympathise with it. Therefore we want to start a conversion about difficult to comprehend topics that have no clear answer due to their complexity and make the players ask themselves why do we have the need to paint everything black and white in a world where everything is grey.


made by Jonas Perkamn



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Noemi Tomàs Lässer

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Mariana Iliyanova Tanova

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