What's it all about?

Someone would argue, that there are already a ton of fitness apps outside there. And maybe they are correct. But there's a difference between only existing and changing the way people workout. Motivity tries to tackle the problems of already out there fitness apps and supports fitness enthusiasts. The goal is to let the user know exactly, how she or he performed throughout their fitness journey, this shall be achieved through detailed statistics. It is easy to track a workout because of built in templates or suggestions. Based on these saved workouts, statistics and other metrics are calculated. The user can reflect on his/her performance and know exactly, what she or he needs to change in order to improve.

Current Workout Overview

Current Workout Popup

Current Workout Overview

Current Workout Screen

List of all exercises performed in the current Workout

Workout Save State

State after successfully saving a workout

Workout Overview

Overview of all executed Workouts and Option to start new Workout

Loading State

Loading State of our App Motivity

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Backend Development