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You two finally saved up enough money to buy a ship and go take on missions. You thought you could become the number one mercenaries in the galaxy. If only there wasn’t another team there to get in your way. Everywhere you go, every mission you take, there’s someone there to beat you to it and steal your well-earned victory. I think it’s finally time to fight back, either by being faster than them, or by making sure they won’t come back, if you get what I’m saying. But I wouldn’t be so sure about that being so easy as you didn’t particularly splurge when you bought that ship meaning there might be a thing or two breaking some time soon. To be honest, it was only a matter of time. But that’s nothing a bit of tape can’t fix, right?


In Galactic Bout, you man a ship together with a competent crewmate or a newbie fill-in and try to beat a second team in ship-vs-ship combat. Every time you start a match, you get some time to prepare strategically to try and get an advantage on your opponent. Not everything will go as planned during the match, as you have to prevent your ship from falling apart because you bought the cheapest ship you could get. So try to balance those two tasks to come out successful from the battle.

Galactic Bout

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Concept Art




Tim Sander

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Luca Fabio Kerschner


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