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DRIFT 808cc is an over-the-top, high-speed couch co-op game where players hop on their mini-bikes and engage in wild and chaotic arena battles filled with weapons and destruction. In this stylized world, players will use guns, melee weapons, and driving skills to outmaneuver and eliminate their opponents. Drifting, jumping, and shooting your way through the enemies is the only way to come out on top. Grab a friend and get ready for a wild ride in 808cc. SURVIVE But do not worry about dying - with our innovative technology, respawning is a breeze. So why stick with four wheels when you can do it all on two? Take on the arena with a minibike, where the action is fast-paced and getting hit is no easy feat. And with a wide selection of weapons at your disposal, you will have everything you need to dominate the competition. ARENA 808cc is the ultimate local multiplayer experience. Gather up to 4 friends and customize your bikes and outfits in the hub area, where you explore all sorts of shops to get your hands on the latest gear. And once you are ready, head to the arena and let the mayhem begin! With firearms, melee weapons, grenades and tomahawks, you will need to stay on your toes to come out on top. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into 808cc and see if you have what it takes to survive the ultimate battle arena!



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Renato Mendes Nunes

3D Artist

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Michelle Raab

Game Design

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Lea Unterholzner

Game Design

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