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“Without You" is an animated short about human greed. Ants peacefully inhabit their world, until humans invade, determined to harvest their powerful mushrooms as an energy source. When humanity destroys the earth, the ants discover a way to get rid of the humans.
The Project
We wanted to create a stylized film that humerously takes up the topic of human greed, in combination with climate change and take the persepective of ants. The Look was highly inspired by the Game "Grounded".
After facing a major setback at the start of production and requiring to start nearly from scratch, we worked hard to achieve our goal of delivering a finished product. The story is now much better conveyed, thanks to Josef's assistance in constructing an epic adventure for our protagonist.
- change of supervisors = chaos
- Miro is great for Brainstorming, just partly for project management
- Be very generous with never know whats on the horizon
- meeting together as friends on dc and working together on the project and figuring out problems together is extremely effective for both internal communication and friendships
Special Thanks: Josef Schinwald, Ahmed Joldic, Michael Großauer, Hannah Rampitsch, Jakob Christensen, Johanna Brandstätter, Kilian Konz


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