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Enter a world of sweetness where gummy bears thrive and unite to protect the kingdom of the Builder Bear. Join the defence and embark on a sugary adventure like no other.
Our project was the creation of a trailer for an imaginary tower defense game. Starting with an introduction to the story of the king through a storybook, we send the viewer on an immersive journey. As the pages are turned, we are seamlessly transported into the vibrant and sugary world of the game, populated by gummy bears. The trailer shows the defense towers, highlighting their mechanics and emphasizing their crucial role in protecting the kingdom.
The project was assembled and rendered in Unreal. Maya, Blender and ZBrush were used for the construction of the assets and characters, as well as for the animations.



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Concept Art

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Adelheid Eisl


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Michael Jungmeier


3D Artist


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Julia Langegger

Character Modeling

Character Animation