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In "Knock-Off Heroes" you can choose between four playable heroes to fend off the evil that is reigning in the world. Craboo, KweenB, Toxicalyptus and Flop4925 need to work together as a team to conquer the evil mayhem that is unfolding. Yet somehow all of them do not seem to be team players and start attacking the other - what unfolds is a battle for might and glory. "Knock-Off Heroes" is a local 4-player PVP/PVE experience where you fend off waves of enemies whilst also sabotaging other players. You gain points by defeating enemies and other players alike and can even use your special ability to steal points from others!


Background Assets and Level Platforms have been taken from the MMP2a Asset Pool. Same goes for Background Music and Sound Effects. One SFX was taken from All other assets have been made by Team MA-rS. --- EXTERNAL ASSETS --- Chimes on Wind by Robinhood76 --- PROGRAMMING - TEAM MA-rS --- Markus Rinnerthaler Alija Suljic Sabine Steiner --- ASSETS --- Alija Suljic Sabine Steiner




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