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The definition of Hireath

The definition of HIRAETH: Longing for a home which maybe never was yours to begin with. A nostalgia for a place to which we cannot return. It is now, or always has been beyond this current plane of existence. It is the echo of all lost memories and places of our soul´s past and our current grief for them. It`s aching and it`s beauty. It is in the wind, the rocks and the rain. It is nowhere and everywhere. It is a feeling that consumes you fully and won`t ever let you go. This is the feeling I want to carry with this project. The feeling of returning home but not really arriving. The lonely astronaut stands for every single human being that feels lost in this big world. He returned home to planet earth just to discover that nobody is here anymore. He is left with empty buildings and nature. The photo series should inspire those who got lost along the way to discover themselves and everything around them once again - as if it is a new world. At the same time these photos practice criticism on how people are treating planet earth. This is our home and yet we treat it awfully wrong. A lot of damage has been done but within the destruction still lies a lot of beauty and things worth fighting for.