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In this game, you embark on a thrilling journey, escaping from a horde of demons. While on the run you stumble upon a small chapel that offers temporary respite. However, your safety is short-lived as the demons start to attack the building. Your only chance of survival lies in defending the chapel with all you have got. Will you have what it takes to fend off the demonic brood and secure your survival?


The game is a Top-Down real-time strategy game. You start with only the chapel in the middle of the map. The first thing you want to do is to buy a tile on which you want to place your first tower. To buy it you press the “Buy tile” button on the bottom of the screen. You can also select/ buy several tiles at a time. Afterwards select the ones you want to place a tower on. In the bottom left are the 3 different type of towers you can choose from. Once one the map the towers will fight for you and automatically attack the incoming waves of demons. Each defeated enemy gives you gold so you can buy more tiles and towers. Waves after waves gets harder up until the final boss. Once you have defeated this Devil you have won and secured your survival.


There are different kinds of Towers: Archer: shoots fast but deals less damage Cannon: takes longer to shoot but deals more damage Flamethrower: deals a lot of damage to all enemies in range but only shoots in one direction. (direction can be controlled using the rotate button) and different kinds of Enemies: Fire Imp: small and fast, come in great numbers Demon Lord: wears armor and has more health Demon Tormentor: uses its claw to deal massive damage to your towers and chapel Cyclops: shoots a powerful laser out of his eye that can one shot your chapel


Everything is controlled with your mouse. Left Click on a tile to select/unselect it. “Buy tile”-Button: unlocks selected tile using up 10 coins Tower Icons: places a tower, using up a specific number of coins, on the selected tile “Rotate Arrow” -Button: rotates the direction of the flamethrower when one is selected “Remove”-Button: removes the tower on the selected tile “Home”-Button: opens options menu

Start Screen

Wave 8

Wave 12





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