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You are trapped in a bay surrounded by rocks. You must find and collect all the portal shards scattered across the bay to gain the chance to escape! Are you able to rebuild the portal in time, or will you stay trapped forever?

The Game

You play as a little Cube trapped in a bay with many small islands and rocks, trying to escape. You cannot swim, but you can drown. Fortunately, you have two other abilities that are more useful than that: jumping and summoning ice blocks from water. In order to escape, you need to hop from [e]island to [e]island, collect all portal shards and reach the goal before time runs out.

How to Play

Summon ice blocks by clicking on a grid tile containing only water. You can only spawn five blocks of ice at a time. After that, the oldest blocks will disappear with every new summoning, so be careful not fall into the water! Hop on islands and ice blocks by clicking on them. You cannot jump infinitely far; islands and blocks need to be in close proximity for you to be able to jump onto them. You can neither jump onto rocks nor jump through or between them. Pick up shards simply by jumping into them.

Time as a Resource

As with magical abilities, there is a price to pay for using them. For every ice block summoned, you sacrifice two seconds of precious time. But don’t worry, you will gain 30 seconds back for every portal shard you pick up. Reach the goal island before time runs out, or stay trapped forever in [E]ISLAND HOP!


Assets: TopDown Engine by More Mountains Sounds and Music: Free UI Click Sound Pack by SwishSwoosh Font: Zero Cool by GGBotNet


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Download Android APK (Note: performance issues on older devices)


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Benjamin Öller

Game Design

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Hannah Katharina Tiefenthaler

3D Artist

Game Design

Game Programmierung

Level Design