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Defend Ops is a Tower Defense game with the goal to survive for as long as possible. Construct towers at strategic locations, upgrade them for maximum firepower and use them to protect your base at all costs. Good luck, Commander!


You only use your mouse to control all game aspects.
Click on the tower icon in the tab and then click on a valid location to build it.
Click on an already existing tower or your base for the option to upgrade it.
Click on the repair icon in the tab to repair your base if damaged.


Programming: Alexander Müller Luka Stojković 2D Assets: Audio Assets: - towerUpgrade - baseDamage - rocketSound "Construction tool box" - towerConstruct "PVC Rocket Cannon" - projectileSound





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Luka Stojkovic

2D Artist

Game Programmierung

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Alexander Müller

2D Artist

Game Programmierung