xxxx Project


Just look, don't touch! Through the use of multisensory educational design to reinterpret the playful learning for children and young people in the digital context

The digital transformation is unstoppable. The number of users is increasing daily and with it the opportunities and risks that this megatrend brings with it. It seems as if digital development is overtaking human development. But what does this mean for children and young people growing up in this time of change? The trends are clear: more media and more intensive use. Children and young people are confronted with the dangers and opportunities of digitalisation. The lack of education and the lack of confrontation with the topic and the associated risks lead to a generation growing up that uses digital media more and more intensively. Children and young people are dependent on the educational actions of their parents and guardians. They use the media with an intensity that is generally not beneficial to them. They are not aware of the consequences. The methodology of learning through play is examined after an in-depth review of the factors influencing media, pedagogy and developmental psychology. On this theoretical basis, in-depth interviews are conducted with parents on their children's media use. Subsequently, a concept was developed on the basis of co-creation, which will enable children and young people to inform themselves independently about digitalisation and its effects.


The cyber sidekick is a physical game character who helps the player to face the challenges of the digital world. Through an interactive game guided by the cyber sidekick, young people are empowered to proactively gather information about the opportunities and threats of digitalisation. There they can also learn media skills in an interactive way, while being physically balanced with a variety of games. This is no ordinary board game, nor is it a mindless smartphone game. It is a new way of learning through play to become aware of the digital tools available to us and to learn how to use them consciously and competently.