xxxx Project
SPAR ICS is an IT company with around 600 employees that provides IT services and solutions for the SPAR Group. For our “Industry Project'' class we partnered up with SPAR ICS to redesign their employee app and optimize it regarding user experience and usability. The previous employee app included simple functions such as an employee list, meal ordering or time tracking, with no emphasis on good usability nor user experience. In fact, it lacked consistency and was not very user-friendly either. With a comprehensive assessment of the current app and feedback from employees, the key areas for improvement were identified. The prototype of the new app design was developed using user-centric processes and then evaluated by SPAR ICS employees. The solution is a design proposal for the company that features a modern and intuitive design, a good user experience and optimized usability, as well as improved and new features that meet the needs of the target audience. The design proposal presents a new and optimized dashboard, profile, calendar, employee list, room booking, workstation booking, time tracking, meal ordering, settings, and onboarding screens for new installations or updates. The graphic below shows some screens of the interactive design concept. Image:

Screens of Concept Design