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Embark on an epic escape in Bunny Escape, a thrilling top-down roguelike game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Step into the furry shoes of a brave bunny and battle your way through a series of challenging levels.

Combat System

Bunny Escape's combat system is where the real excitement lies. To defeat enemies, you'll need to dash through them, rendering them vulnerable. Once they're down, seize the opportunity to jump on them and deal damage. But be careful! Dash wisely, as it drains your stamina. Timing and strategy are key to success. Defeated enemies may drop precious carrots, replenishing your health and stamina, helping you stay in the fight.

Enemies and Spawner

Prepare to face a variety of enemies, each enemy type has its own spawner. Over time, new enemies will spawn from these spawners, keeping you on your toes. Eliminate all enemies of a specific type, and their spawner will be silenced. Clear the path to the next level, where new challenges await. As a reward for your bravery, choose one of three valuable items at the end of each level: increased maximum health, maximum stamina, or enhanced movespeed. Are you ready to conquer Bunny Escape and make your daring escape a reality? The journey begins now, and the fate of our brave bunny rests in your hands!