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ANIMA - Concept

Concept: „ANIMA“ derived from the latin word „anima“, which is commonly used to describe „Soul“, „Spirit“ or „Air“/ „Breeze“ if taken in a more literal way, is a Music-EP consisting of a total of four tracks. It draws influences from various different aspects of the Techno-genre and relies on sinister sound design, nihilistic vocals as well as heavy distortion. The composition types used range from highly melodic and harmonic arrangements to heavily distorted vocals. My aim was to create an EP that could be played at nightclub DJ gigs, as well as to boost my experience in processing more complex vocal arrangements and post-processing in general. I used the program AbletonLive 11 Suite for arrangement and mixing and LogicProX for mastering. The mixing process proved extremely tedious and even though I know the end result is by no means perfect, I still am very proud of what I accomplished on my own.

Hallo Welt - Info

The first song on ANIMA

The musical introduction to the EP, setting the pace at 150 beats per minute. It includes a recorded TD-3 characteristic acid bassline as well as multiple instances of heavily distorted vocals done by myself.

Hallo Welt - Audio

Solaris - Info

The second song on ANIMA

The second track on „ANIMA“ rolling in at 145 BPM features very impressive vocals done by my friend Paula Behrens aka Lucy Silver. The title is inspired by the fantastic Sci-Fi novel „Solaris“ by Stanislaw Lem. It’s set around highly melodic and harmonic vocal arrangements which are backed by hard hitting drums and percussion. „Solaris“ turned out to be my personal favorite track on the EP.

Solaris - Audio

Anima - Info

The third song on ANIMA

„Anima“ the flagship track on the EP was also done in cooperation with Lucy Silver. It’s tempo is set at 140 BPM. However, it’s much more reliant on spoken vocals and features a really cool lead-synth.

Anima - Audio

Koda - Info

The fourth song on ANIMA

The fourth and final Track on „ANIMA“, featuring vocals done by myself. With it’s 150 BPM it’s also the longest track on the EP. I really love how the bassline turned out on this one.

Koda - Audio



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