Album "Hope"

It is a music album of 10 tracks. This album carries the message if humanity facing global changes with technology, AI, electricity sources, economy, and global warming - it all could be for a better future and we all can stay positive about it and think about how every one of us can become a better human in order to have a positive outcome of global crisis. In the electronic melodic house, for example, song “Spinning”, every melody could be programmed with Arturia synthesizers, a lot of industrial sounds and bass melodies, with some classical instruments like violins and piano. All songs with Kristina's vocals and lyrics. The visual representation would be in black, white, silver, metallic and green colors. With this album comes merch: water bottle design, candles and notebook design. Prototypes of it. To support this album, we will make 1 touch designer video where the visual movement of the video will be synchronized with drums and rhythm, also at the same visual representation of the futuristic, minimalistic design. Song covers would be made by artificial intelligence by Dalle-e.