The Truck is dropping in a new load of Trash-ure! Pack up your guns and gadgets. The Trash-Ops need you!

For years the rich people of Gluttonia lived in wealth and splendor atop the upper reaches of the city. Precious resources, and technology are simply thrown into the trash and replaced after their first use, because their owners do not appreciate their worth. Luckily for the inhabitants of the slums in the lowest part of the towering city this “trash” is a chance to taste the riches of the upper society and most of all an opportunity. The different gangs of the so-called Trash-ops fight to secure the “trash-ure” that is dropped by the dumpster trucks of the rich to salvage resources, technology and weap-ons for a chance of a better life. The story is inspired by the problems of modern capitalism where a small percentage of the population lives in wealth at the cost of the many.


Play as a “Trash-Ops Scrapper” in a team of three people and try to eliminate the enemy team or extract the “Trash-ure” within the time limit. Slowly make your way through the fog of war in a procedurally-generated map and take down the enemy with the aid of your team and numerous gadgets and guns. Look around corners with special mirrors, lo-cate the enemy with sensors or cameras and smoke them out with grenades. But be wary! Rushing to your objective might be rushing to your death. Trash O.P.S. is a 3 vs 3 Team-Based Tac-tical Top-Down Action Game that aims to deliver the ultimate tactical gameplay expe-rience by emphasizing cooperation, strategy and decision making rather than fast reflex-es and muscle memory. The goal of the play-ers is to cooperate with their team-members to either extract the “Trash-ure” or eliminate the opposing team. The game has a heavy focus on information gathering, as the maps are procedurally generated each round. Players are required to smartly use and combine the tools available to them to uncover the map layout and outsmart their opponents. By each player being heavily spe-cialized depending on their chosen loadout the game aims to introduce a high level of tactical depth and complexity.

Look and Feel

It should capture the aesthetics of how a futuristic slum should look, not only metal structures but also wooden huts and con-crete buildings should be present. The slums will be at the lowest reaches of the city at the foot of giant skyscrapers and under the highways of the upper city so all the trash and sewage runs down into the districts of the poor. So the streets will be littered with different kinds of junk and the buildings will have trash incorporated into their struc-tures. The equipment of the Trash-Ops team will consist of makeshift weapons made from junk and futuristic materials. At first glance the Operators appear crazy but if you look closer they are in fact competent and well trained professionals. Keywords: futuristic, quirky, dirty, slums, rusted, trashed, stylized

Trash O.P.S. v0.1 Video




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