Taking Root


Taking root

“Taking Root” is a PC Game which depicts the emotional experience of escape on an abstract level. Its purpose is to encourage players to empathize with people having experienced such a journey in their lifes. The protagonist is a stone creature that lives in a closed symbiosis with a plant. Both the plant and the protagonist depend on each other and reflect their mutual feelings. After their formerly pristine homeland turned into a concrete covered metropolis, they had to leave in order to find a new home. The Player controls the protagonist from a third-person perspective and has to solve a multitude of non-Euclidean space puzzles along the way by understanding and applying new laws in each area. Examples of such architecture that don’t conform to Euclidean rules would be spaces that are bigger or smaller on the inside than they look from the outside, gateways that lead to different areas depending on how you enter them or never-ending staircases. To see through these tricks it will sometimes be necessary to look at it from a different perspective or think outside the box. The Game World is based on a 3D stylized Art Style, the colors in each Area as well as the soundscape represent the emotional state of the protagonist.